21 May 2002
Opening of Hung Hom Station mid-level concourse marks the first milestone of the Tsim Sha Tsui Extension
Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced today the opening of the Hung Hom Station mid-level concourse, which has great significance for both East Rail and the Tsim Sha Tsui Extension.
Speaking at the opening ceremony Mr. James Blake, Senior Director, Capital Projects of KCRC said," he opening of the concourse not only allows East Rail passengers to enjoy much improved facilities, it also serves as a prelude to the completion of the Tsim Sha Tsui Extension.
"For our passengers this new concourse provides added benefits and greater convenience as it is almost four times the size of the previous one. We've also added six more ticket gates, five ticketing machines, more commercial space, an integrated ticket and fare adjustment office, and two brand new escalators.
The mid-level concourse also holds great importance in the construction of the Tsim Sha Tsui Extension. "The new concourse will allow us to lay the pair of tracks that will connect Hung Hom Station to Tsim Sha Tsui without disrupting our passenger service, said Mr. Blake.
The Tsim Sha Tsui Extension and Ma On Shan Rail, another extension of East Rail undertaken by KCRC, are progressing well for completion in 2004. The new mid-level concourse is capable of handling the increased passenger flows brought about by the extensions for the next ten years.
Officiating guests passing through ticket gates at the new mid-level concourse of Hung Hom Station to signify the official opening. (from left to right) Mr. Vsevolod Dmitrieff, Chairman & CEO of CNIM; Mr. K. K. Lee, Director, East Rail Extensions of KCRC; Mr. James Blake, Senior Director, Capital Projects of KCRC; Mr. Pang Kam Chun, Chairman of Chun Wo; Mr. Clement Kwok, Managing Director of Chun Wo; and Mr. Y. T. Li, Director, East Rail of KCRC.