28 May 2002
Test Runs on the Automatic Train Operation System
KCR East Rail will carry out seven overnight test runs for the application of the new signalling system – the Automatic Train Operation System (ATO) between 30 May and 22 June, 2002.
The test runs will be carried out after close of traffic on 30 May, 4, 6, 13, 15, 20 and 22 June. The test runs will involve one East Rail train running in both directions between Sha Tin and Racecourse.
"To ensure a smooth running of East Rail trains under the ATO system, extensive test runs will have to be carried out. These have to be done after the close of traffic so that train services in the daytime will not be affected," a spokesperson for KCR East Rail said.
The new ATO system for KCR East Rail is scheduled for completion in end 2002. With the installation of this system, the reliability of train operations can be increased and the line capacity can be upgraded to 27 trains per hour per direction, enabling East Rail to cope with passenger growth after the commissioning of the East Rail Extensions.