16 August 2002
SCL to expand links
The Managing Board of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) has decided, in principle, to proceed with the construction of an additional station at Tsz Wan Shan for the Sha Tin to Central Link (SCL).
For the Whampoa area, the Managing Board has also decided that, in principle, an underground automated people-mover shuttle train should be built to link the area with Hung Hom Station and the SCL.
As for Hin Keng, the Managing Board decided that the current SCL alignment should be designed to allow for the future construction of a station when patronage levels justify this. This, in turn, will depend upon the future build-up of population and activity in the immediate area.
Announcing this today, a spokesman for the Corporation said these decisions were taken with a view to providing better services for the residents of Tsz Wan Shan, Whampoa and, ultimately, Hin Keng.
"These decisions are subject to further and more detailed evaluation and design. We will now start discussions with the Government with a view to finalising the SCL scheme," he said.
The spokesman said that the population of the Tsz Wan Shan catchment area will reach about 95,000 in 2016, and that for the Whampoa area about 85,000 in 2016, more than the minimum planning threshold of 50,000 for a station.
"In order to connect the SCL to the MTR at Diamond Hill Station, the Tsz Wan Shan Station will have to be built deep underground at about 100 meters with long and deep adits fitted with escalators and lifts connecting to the surface," he said.
Turning to Whampoa, the spokesman said the decision in principle is to provide a people mover system between Hung Hom Station and the Whampoa area.
"The system will be built below ground, and will be similar in form and operation to the automated shuttle train system at Chek Lap Kok Airport."
"The estimated journey time will be between two and three minutes."
As for Hin Keng, the current population in the catchment area is 30,000, rising to 35,000 by 2009.
"This is below the minimum planning threshold of 50,000, and there is insufficient justification at the present time to provide a station there."
"However, we feel it would be prudent to build into the design of this section of the SCL provisions for the construction of a station at some future date.
"In the meantime, we will consider deploying more feeder buses from Hin Keng to Tai Wai Station to make it easier for residents to use the SCL before the Hin Keng Station is built," the spokesman added.
Sha Tin to Central Link
Information Sheet

Route length

18 km


Number of Stations

11 (See route map.)

With Queen's Road Central as an option and provisions for future construction of Hin Keng Station



With East Rail

Tai Wai, Hung Hom

With MTR

Diamond Hill, Exhibition, Admiralty

Journey time


Tai Wai to Central West

24 min.

Wu Kai Sha to Central West (through running)

39 min.

Train configuration

8-car with a carrying capacity of 2,680 passengers


Initial service

27 trains / hour / direction at 2.2 min. interval

(i.e. 70,000 passengers / hour / direction )

Maximum capacity

32 trains / hour / direction at 1.9 min. interval

(i.e. 85,000 passengers / hour / direction)

Route length

1.6 km from Hung Hom to Whampoa area

Number of stations

3 (including Hung Hom)

Initial service

2-car (system carrying capacity of 4,600 passengers/hour/direction)

Maximum capacity

4-car (system carrying capacity of 9,200 passengers/hour/direction)

Journey time

2-3 min from Whampoa area to Hung Hom

Tai Wai to Central West

HK$33 billion (money of the day)

Hung Hom to Whampoa

HK$2 billion (money of the day)


HK$35 billion (money of the day)