23 August 2002
West Rail Foundation Works
With regard to the press release issued by LegCo member Mr Albert Chan today, the Corporation has the following response:
The site referred to is located at the north of Tsuen Wan West Station (near the entrance of Tai Lam Tunnel). The related works are managed by Atkins China Ltd, which is responsible for applying for approval of all drawings from Buildings Department. The Corporation is not involved in the process of approval application but will make sure that the completed works have the final consent of Buildings Department.
According to Atkins China Ltd, there were minor changes to the arrangement of the reinforcements of the piles, which were meant to facilitate the carrying out of the works.
It is noted that the Authorised Person has failed to follow the proper procedures in the process of the submission of drawings to Buildings Department for approval. The Authorised Person has subsequently provided Buildings Department with a written explanation about the changes. The record of the completed works submitted to Buildings Department has included the changes, hence there was no intention to hide the facts.
Following investigation and tests, Buildings Department confirmed that the number of reinforcements and their arrangement fully met the Department’s safety requirements.