4 September 2002
Minor disruption to East Rail services
About 400 passengers had to be detrained this morning when electricity supply to the last three coaches of a train heading for Hung Hom was cut off due to failure of an electrical component.
The incident took place at 8:43 today when the train departed Sha Tin Station. Arrangements were made for passengers in the last three coaches of the train to alight at the next station in Tai Wai. It then proceeded to Hung Hom. No one was injured in the incident.
The train was later withdrawn from service and returned to the depot for a detailed investigation.
During the incident, there was a minor disruption of about two minutes to train services.
A spokesman for the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation apologised for the inconvenience caused to the affected passengers. To ensure the safe operation of East Rail trains, the Corporation sets very stringent standard of train operations. Train maintenance programme is closely monitored to ensure equipment reliability as far as possible.
The spokesman said the case would be investigated and reviewed to ensure that similar incidents would be minimised.