12 September 2002
KCRC Careers Day
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) is launching a large-scale recruitment exercise to fill about 500 posts in preparation for the opening of West Rail.
The 500 new staff members will be recruited in stages, about 110 up to the end of this year and the remainder during the first half of 2003. They will undergo intensive training so that West Rail will have a team of well-trained staff when it opens, a target planned for September 2003.
A spokesman for the Corporation said the vacant posts fall within three broad occupational groups - train operations, station operations and maintenance. The posts are in non-management ranks, including supervisors and operatives.
While these posts will occur in the future West Rail Division, because of the internal re-deployment of staff to this Division, consequential vacancies will need to be filled in other Divisions.
"It follows, therefore, that this is a Corporation-wide recruitment exercise.
"This will be the first major recruitment exercise of a series that will follow as a result of the expansion of the KCRC network over the next few years," he said.
The distribution of the 492 vacant posts is as follows:
Train Operations Station Operations Maintenance
Supervisors 13 28 76
Operatives 16 156 203
Minimum entry qualifications for jobs in train and station operations are five passes in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, including English (Syllabus B), and varying years of working experience for different ranks. As for maintenance staff, entry qualifications include certificates in various engineering disciplines, and varying years of working experience for different ranks.
Starting pay will range from about $8,600 to about $15,900 per month.
To give job seekers more information about the large number of vacancies available, the Corporation will hold a KCRC Careers Day at its headquarters at 9 Lok King Street, Fo Tan, from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sunday, 15 September. KCRC House is located across the road from Fo Tan Station.
There will be exhibition panels giving more information on the jobs available, including duties, entry qualifications, and starting pay. KCRC staff will be available to talk to job seekers individually to give them more information and to answer their questions.
In addition, application forms and information leaflets on the vacancies will be available for distribution to visitors. Such forms and leaflets will also be available for collection from the Corporation's Customer Services Centres along East Rail and Light Rail.
They can also be downloaded from KCRC's web site: http://www.kcrc.com
The spokesman stressed that job seekers do not have to fill in their application forms on the spot, because applications will not close until 27 September 2002.
"There will not be any interviews on the day. Appointments will be made following the receipt of completed application forms and supporting documents at a later date.
"Job seekers are advised to digest the information, consider their own circumstances carefully, and then decide which jobs to apply for." he said.
Any member of the public who is interested in having a career with the KCRC may also dial the Corporation's Human Resource Department enquiries numbers after the KCRC Careers Day. The telephone numbers are 26881122 and 26881123 and they will be manned during office hours.