14 November 2002
New cab simulator prepares drivers for West Rail opening
At a press briefing on 24 October, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) unveiled a new cab simulator that will ensure West Rail drivers are not only fully trained when the new railway opens next year, but will also be prepared to handle any emergency they encounter.
The new cab simulator, which is featured in the current edition of Trackrecord, is critical to West Rail’s driver training programme. Linked to a signalling system simulator, it is the first training equipment of its kind in any railway.
Other stories in the current issue cover the many activities held by the Corporation in support of worthwhile charitable organisations in Hong Kong. These include the presentation of the President’s Award by Mrs Betty Tung, President of the Hong Kong Community Chest, to acknowledge the Corporation’s contributions to the Chest; and the Dress Casual Day.
Another story looks at the measures taken by East Rail to alleviate congestion at the Lo Wu boundary crossing during National Day. Anticipating huge numbers of mainland tourists arriving in Hong Kong over that holiday weekend, East Rail took steps that made travelling on the railway more pleasant and will also help to make future crossings during holiday weekends more convenient for passengers.
Trackrecord, the official staff newsletter of the KCRC, is published once a month and distributed to all employees, the Corporation’s key stakeholders, consulates, senior government officials, the media and community leaders.