27 November 2002
Sixth Four-Way Joint Session held in Hong Kong
The sixth Four-Way Joint Session was held in Hong Kong between 25 and 26 November 2002, bringing together the Beijing Railway Administration (BJRA), Shanghai Railway Administration (SHRA), Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation (GRC) and Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC).
The keynote event was also attended by the Ministry of Railways (MoR) and the Nanchang Railway Administration (NCRA) as observers. The Four-way Joint Session, involving the heads of the four Mainland and Hong Kong railways, is held annually to facilitate and promote cross-boundary passenger and freight businesses between Hong Kong and the Mainland.
The key items discussed this year included increasing the frequency of Kowloon-Guangzhou and Kowloon-Dongguan Through Trains, and enhancing the Dongguan Freight Block Train service.
KCRC’s Chairman, Mr. Michael Tien and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. K.Y. Yeung hosted a reception to extend the Corporation’s hospitality to the delegates from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanchang, and the MoR as well as guests from Guangdong Customs and Kou’an (boundary control authority).
The protocol of the Sixth Four-way Joint Session was signed by the Director-Generals of the two railway administrations, Chairman of GRC and Chief Executive Officer of KCRC on 26 November.
The Four-way Joint Session was initiated after the commencement of the Kowloon-Beijing and Kowloon-Shanghai Through Train services in December 1997. Its objective is to enhance collaboration of the four railway entities and to provide an official forum for the four parties to review the business performance in the past year as well as to discuss operational and commercial matters relating to the Kowloon-Guangzhou, Kowloon-Beijing, and Kowloon-Shanghai Through Trains and cross-boundary freight services.
In keeping with the tradition of rotating the meeting venue each year, the Seventh Four-way Joint Session will be held in Shanghai next year.
(From left to right), Mr Li Shutian, Director-General, Beijing Railway Administration, Mr Michael Tien, Chairman, KCRC, Mr Jiang Linyang, Chairman, Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation, Mr K Y Yeung, Chief Executive Officer, KCRC and Mr Lu Dongfu, Director-General Shanghai Railway Administration at the cocktail reception of the Sixth Four-Way Joint Session.