10 December 2002
Light Rail service disrupted after traffic accident
A section of Light Rail service between Hung Shui Kiu Stop and Siu Hong Stop (five stops) was affected this morning (10 December) when a man aged about 60 was hit by a light rail vehicle at a junction along Castle Peak Road, about 80 metres south of Chung Uk Tsuen Stop.
The accident happened at about 8:35 am. The man was hit by a route 615 light rail vehicle (Yuen Long bound) at the junction. The man was later certified dead.
The incident site is a junction designed for use by road vehicles only, and there is no crossing for pedestrians. Police are investigating the cause of the incident.
During the affected period, Light Rail routes 610, 614, 615 and 720 had to be diverted. A total of 19 feeder buses were deployed to run between Hung Shui Kiu Stop and Siu Hong Stop to provide emergency service.
Continuous platform announcements were made to inform passengers of the service disruption and staff were deployed at stops to assist passengers. The Corporation apologized for any inconvenience caused to passengers.
The incident site was cleared at about 9:45 am and normal service was resumed thereafter.