19 December 2002
Disruption of Xinshisu through train service today
A Xinshisu through train (T802) stopped at Tai Po Market Station at 12:39 pm because of a technical fault, when it was on its way to Guangzhou East Station. Assisting locomotive was despatched to haul the train, which arrived Lo Wu at 1:55 pm.
Affected passengers were arranged to take the Guangshen domestic trains from Shenzhen to Guangzhou free. A full refund was also offered.
Because of the incident, two subsequent departures including T803 originally scheduled to depart Guangzhou at 2:28 pm and T804 scheduled to depart Hung Hom at 4:45 pm were cancelled.
Passengers of T803 were arranged to take T817 which departed Guangzhou at 3:55pm. A full refund was offered to passengers of T804, who were also offered a complementary ride on express train from Hung Hom to Lo Wu and free ticket for travelling on Guangshen domestic trains from Shenzhen to Guangzhou.
KCR East Rail train services were not affected by the incident.