17 January 2003
SPiling records Property development site next to West Rail's Nam Cheong Station
In response to further press enquiries on the action being taken by the ICAC regarding the alleged manipulation of piling records on a property development site next to WR’s Nam Cheong Station, a spokesman for the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) made the following supplementary statement –
"Although KCRC has been co-operating closely with the ICAC in the course of its investigations, the particulars of these investigations are still not yet fully known to us. We will not be able to define the nature of the problem, nor assess the extent of it, until the ICAC releases further details to us.
However, on the basis of the limited information that we have been given, there are two quite distinct and separate issues.
The first is whether the piles have been driven to their proper founding levels. KCRC believes that the integrity of the piling works is not at issue, for two reasons. First, the Contractor and the Consultant have separate quality system plans which had been rigorously implemented. Secondly, the Buildings Department has issued consents to build on top of the piles, on the basis of the submission of certified piling records from the Registered Structural Engineer and the Registered Contractor, and random checks by the Buildings Department.
Nevertheless, KCRC will ascertain from the ICAC how many and which piles are under suspicion. Following consultation with the Buildings Department, we will then carry out a further review to remove any doubt over the integrity of the piles in question. There are known processes for re-testing the integrity of these piles.
The second issue revolves around the alleged falsification of the piling records. This is a matter for the ICAC that may or may not lead to criminal prosecution. In this connection, KCRC, its Contractor and its Consultant will continue to fully co-operate with the ICAC."