23 February 2003
Enhanced bonus scheme for KCR passengers
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) today (Sunday) announced an enhanced bonus scheme that will benefit all East Rail domestic passengers using Octopus cards.
The "Second Trip Discount" Scheme will offer a 20% fare discount to all Octopus card users who make a second trip on East Rail within the same day. The scheme, in effect, gives an overall discount of 10% or more for two domestic rides made on the same day.
The scheme will also apply to children and the elderly who are already benefiting from half fare. It will not apply, however, to services to Sha Tin Racecourse and Lo Wu.
The number of people who are expected to benefit each day under the new scheme will be about 325,000, which is the daily total number of East Rail domestic passengers using Octopus cards.
A KCRC spokesman said that the new scheme will be introduced for a period of five months commencing 1 April 2003.
The existing "Ride 8 Get 1 Free" scheme, which was introduced on 2 September 2002, will lapse on 2 March 2003.
The spokesman said, "The break between the two schemes is to allow sufficient time for modification of the software of our Octopus fare collection equipment.
"The break will also give our passengers an opportunity to redeem the outstanding bonus points earned in the current scheme. All bonus points must be redeemed before 31 March 2003."
It is expected that the "Second Trip Discount" Scheme would result in a revenue loss in five months of up to $32 million.
"However, we are hopeful that this loss would be partially offset by the scheme attracting more people to take a second trip on East Rail on the same day.
"Although East Rail domestic services are cheaper and faster than buses, we would welcome more people using East Rail, particularly as this would enhance market share," he said.
Concurrent with the "Second Trip Discount" Scheme, Light Rail passengers using personalised Octopus cards will continue to enjoy a rebate for every $30 they spend on Light Rail fares over a six-day period. The rebate will be maintained at $3.20 during the five months April to August.
The enhanced cash rebate was introduced together with the current "Ride 8 Get 1 Free" scheme. It will expire on 2 March 2003 and be re-introduced on 1 April 2003 to tie in with the "Second Trip Discount" Scheme.