9 March 2003
Consultation on Light Rail service reorganization continues
A spokesman for Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) said today (9 March) that the consultation on Light Rail’s service reorganization proposal is continuing, and the Corporation will consider fine-tuning the proposal in the light of the views collected.
The key objective of the Light Rail service reorganization is to ensure that the system can cope with the changes in passengers’ travelling pattern after the opening of West Rail as well as the completion of the new Light Rail extensions in Tin Shui Wai and grade separation works in Tuen Mun.
With the service reorganization, KCRC aims to ensure that Light Rail and Bus can provide efficient feeder services for West Rail, and at the same time can maintain its role as the major mode of transport in the Northwest New Territories.
The service reorganization plan can also improve the efficiency of Light Rail service by reconfiguring the existing routing.
Since January 2003, KCRC presented a service reorganization proposal to the relevant District Councils, Area Consultative Forums, Rural Committees and local resident organisations. These consultation meetings will continue. During these consultation meetings, KCRC has been able to listen to the views of the public towards the plan.
Based on the public views, the Corporation will consider fine-tuning the plan. The revised plan will be presented to the District Councils for further consultation.
The spokesman emphasized that the service reorganization is not intended to "force passengers to use West Rail".
In fact, with the opening of West Rail, passengers will have one more choice of public transport service within the NWNT, which is fast, reliable and comfortable.
Passengers can have the option of continuing to choose to use Light Rail. With the service reorganization, Light Rail will be able to enhance its efficiency by more effective use of resources, and therefore, the Corporation is considering reducing the fares of the long distance Light Rail’s journeys to compensate those passengers who may require interchange between routes due to the service reorganization.
The spokesman added that with the opening of West Rail, the Corporation will provide for the community a better, more efficient integrated public transport service in the NWNT and between NWNT and urban Kowloon.