24 March 2003
Free masks for KCRC passengers with Respiratory Tract Infection symptoms
An average of 25,000 face masks will be available each day for distribution to people with symptoms of respiratory tract infection at all KCRC stations, including Light Rail stations with customer services centres, for the next five days starting from tomorrow (Tuesday) on a first-come-first-served basis.
"I stress that these free masks are meant for people who feel they are developing early symptoms of the illness. We are encouraging them to wear masks while travelling but they should consult a doctor as soon as possible. We are not encouraging everybody to wear masks while travelling on trains," Mr Michael Tien, Chairman of KCRC, clarified this (Monday) evening.
"People with no symptoms of the illness should not ask for these masks. If they take away one mask, they might be depriving someone else with real need of the chance to get one," he said.
Also starting from tomorrow, public announcements reminding people of the symptoms of the illness will be broadcast at all stations to heighten people’s awareness. Anyone displaying these symptoms should get a free mask and wear it before boarding a train.
"Quite a number of people are already wearing masks while travelling on KCRC. Those who collect and wear free masks should not feel out of place," he said.
The Corporation is still trying to source more masks and an order of 300,000 will be coming in over the weekend.
Mr Tien said this was part of Corporation’s efforts to help stop the spreading of the illness.
"We have earlier stepped up our regular cleaning of trains and stations with disinfectant."
"So far, no KCRC staff have contracted the illness and there are no reports of any passenger being infected while travelling on our trains," he said.