23 April 2003
Light Rail service slightly disrupted after traffic accident
Light Rail service at Sam Shing Terminus was slightly affected this morning (23 April) when a girl aged about 14 was hit by a light rail vehicle at a pedestrian crossing in the terminus at about 7:45 am.
The injured was sent to Tuen Mun Hospital for treatment. Police are investigating the cause of the incident.
During the affected period, Light Rail route 505 had to be diverted. Three feeder buses were deployed to run between Sam Shing and Yau Oi to provide service for the affected stop.
Continuous platform announcements were made to inform passengers of the service disruption and staff were deployed at stops to assist passengers. The Corporation apologized for any inconvenience caused to passengers.
The incident site was cleared at about 8:35 am and normal service was resumed thereafter.