25 April 2003
Test runs on West Rail
In preparation for the opening of West Rail in autumn this year, round-the-clock test runs will be conducted, starting from 28 April 2003, along the entire West Rail alignment between Tuen Mun Station and Nam Cheong Station.
About six 7-car train sets will be used for the test runs and the number of train sets will be gradually increased to 22 sets in mid May. On average, about 15 train trips will be operated per hour between Tuen Mun Station and Nam Cheong Station.
The West Rail train cars are equipped with advanced noise absorption features. Together with the noise mitigation measures incorporated in the design of the structures and the track, the noise generated from the test runs will be within the limits set by the Noise Control Ordinance for districts in the North West New Territories. As for the section in urban Kowloon, the trains will run either in tunnels or enclosed structures and will therefore have no impact on the local community.
A comprehensive system of testing and commissioning is in place to ensure that all systems installed are up to the highest standard required. The round-the-clock test running is the final stage of testing and commissioning and follows the completion of acceptance testing of each individual system.
The objectives of the round-the-clock test run are to test the interfacing of various railway systems and the train sets, as well as to provide training for the drivers. Upon completion of this final stage of testing and commissioning, a full trial operation will be launched, during which the trains will run according to the proposed West Rail timetable for public service.