30 April 2003
Viaduct of KCRC Ma On Shan Rail Completed Today
With the laying of the last viaduct segment at Che Kung Temple Road, Shatin, the 8.4-km Ma On Shan Rail viaduct was completed today (Wednesday), bringing the entire Ma On Shan Rail project another step forward towards its commissioning.
Speaking at the celebration ceremony, Mr James Blake, Senior Director, Capital Projects of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation said, “This viaduct is not just another civil structure but one that incorporates an innovative combination of engineering measures.
“It is a structure that will enable us to operate a modern urban railway, whilst meeting the most stringent environmental and construction standards. It has also been necessary to satisfy aesthetic and maintenance needs.”
Mr Blake described the completion of the viaduct as a difficult engineering challenge. “The task was to construct a viaduct within a narrow corridor along the centre of a busy highway, crossing several trunk-roads.
“Very often, work has to be done late at night to minimize disruption to traffic on the very busy highways in this area.”
Stretching from Tai Wai to Wu Kai Sha, the 11.4-km Ma On Shan Rail will run on 8.4-km of viaduct, which represents 74% of the entire alignment. The remaining section between Shek Mun and Tai Shui Hang will run at ground level.
As of today, the overall civil works of Ma On Shan Rail are more than 80% complete, with all nine stations topped out. Track laying and other railway system works are currently being carried out. Ma On Shan Rail is targeted for completion in end 2004.