2 May 2003
Transport divisions to be restructured
The Managing Board of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) has approved a plan to restructure the transport divisions of the Corporation to meet changing operational requirements and to enhance cost efficiency.
Under the plan, all transport operations of the Corporation will be consolidated into a single Transport Division. These include all future operations of the West Rail network (including Light Rail and KCR Bus), the East Rail network (including the three East Rail Extensions), Freight and Intercity Passenger services, as well as maintenance and technical support services.
"This structure has taken into account the certainty that East Rail and West Rail will be linked up by the Tsim Sha Tsui Extension and Kowloon Southern Link by 2007, and that an even larger, more fully integrated network will come into being when the Sha Tin to Central Link is completed," a spokesman for the Corporation said.
"Having a single Transport Division will give management more flexibility in the deployment of resources, and enable the Corporation to achieve further synergy and savings, particularly those services common to both railway networks, such as maintenance," he said.
The Division will be led by a Head of Transport Division, ranked at Senior Director level. He will be underpinned by a Head of Operations, ranked at Director level.
The Head of Operations will be responsible for overseeing all frontline operating activities. These include train operations, station operations, customer services, the management of train crews, station staff and control centres, and the overall safety, efficiency and productivity of KCRC’s transport services. The Head of Operations will report to the Head of the Transport Division.
The Head of the Transport Division will be responsible for the more strategic aspects of KCRC’s transport operations, such as maintenance of the financial viability of the KCRC transport networks, the future integration of new railway lines and extensions into the existing networks, and the planning involved in setting and revising fares and tariffs. In addition, the Head of the Transport Division will also oversee the daily work of the maintenance and support departments, including Rolling Stock, Technical and Support Services, and Infrastructure and Buildings.
The post of the Head of Transport Division will be filled by Mr Y T Li, currently Director, East Rail, who will be promoted to act as Senior Director. The post of Head of Operations will be filled by Mr Jonathan Yu, currently Director, Light Rail.
The restructuring will be implemented in phases from the beginning of May 2003 until West Rail commences operations, targeted in September 2003, when the re-organisation will take effect.