27 July 2003
Hung Hom Station Track Remodelling Project reached major milestone
The Hung Hom Station Track Remodelling Project reached a major milestone after the most complicated and challenging works of the project were completed on time this morning.
To facilitate the works to be carried out smoothly, train services between Hung Hom and Mong Kok Stations were suspended in the late evening of 26 July and the early morning of 27 July. The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation deployed a total of 40 buses to run between Hung Hom and Kowloon Tong at a frequency of two to four minutes.
Train service resumed normal at 7:30 am this morning and order at train stations was good.
Mr Y T Li, Director East Rail, said the remodelling work at Hung Hom was the largest one undertaken by East Rail since its electrification some 20 years ago.
The project involves the installation of many infrastructure facilities within a very tight schedule. More than 300 staff and contractors from different disciplines were involved in last night’s work.
Mr Li said the work called for a high degree of coordination among all staff and he was satisfied that the project could be completed on time.
"In other countries, a similar scale of work would last for 36 hours, necessitating the closing down of the railway for one or two days over the weekend. We had taken only eight and a half hours," Mr Li said.
Upon completion of the whole project, train frequency can be increased to a maximum of 27 trains per hour per direction to cope with future patronage growth. Passengers will be able to enjoy a more comfortable and reliable train service.
A total of 50,000 leaflets were distributed to passengers to inform them of last night’s service changes. Passengers were also informed of the changes through other channels including posters and announcements at the stations and platforms and newsletters. A press conference was held to announce the changes to service and these messages were repeated regularly at radio and TV news programmes.
A total of 223 bus trips were operated between 11:08 pm 26 July and 7:30 am 27 July. About 7,500 passengers used the bus services during the period.