28 July 2003
Further discounts on West Rail fares
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) today announced that its Managing Board had agreed in principle to provide further discounts on West Rail fares for at least one year.
The latest discounts will apply to both journeys between North West New Territories and urban Kowloon, and within North West New Territories.
The decision was taken after the Board has considered the prevailing economy and views of the community.
KCRC announced on 23 May a target fare of $16 for a journey from Tuen Mun to Nam Cheong and a 10% discount, bringing down the West Rail maximum fare to $14.4.
Details of West Rail fares are being finalised and will be unveiled on Friday (1 August).
The Managing Board has also decided to extend East Rail’s Second Trip Discount Scheme for another year to 30 September 2004. The scheme offers a 20% fare discount to all Octopus card users who make a second trip on East Rail within the same day. The concession will not apply to trips to and from Sha Tin Racecourse and Lo Wu.