12 August 2003
Emergency exercise on new Light Rail viaduct
Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) held an emergency exercise today (12 August) on the newly completed Light Rail viaduct at Pui To Road next to West Rail’s Tuen Mun Station to test the responsiveness and co-ordination of KCRC staff and various emergency services teams in carrying out a rescue operation and emergency handling.
The exercise simulated a Light Rail vehicle derailment at a point crossing on the viaduct, causing injury to 20 passengers. Staff of the Fire Services Department arrived swiftly at the scene to evacuate passengers and to clear the site with the assistance from KCRC staff.
The Hong Kong Police and Tuen Mun Hospital also participated in the exercise. The simulated incident triggered off KCRC and other bus companies to run shuttle bus services for Light Rail passengers affected by the derailment. The Transport Department also took part by participating in the communication aspect of the exercise, including activation of a mock Emergency Transport Coordination Centre to coordinate provision of emergency transport services, and conducting site observations.
"This is the first time we conduct a joint exercise on the new Light Rail viaduct, which will take Light Rail traffic above the busy section along Pui To Road in Tuen Mun."
"The procedures in handling emergencies as well as the co-operation and co-ordination among all involved parties were tested. All the participating organizations were satisfied with the response time and the teamwork between the departments and KCRC."
"More exercises will be conducted before the commissioning of the new Light Rail sections in the Tin Shui Wai extensions and the Pui To Road viaduct," said a KCRC spokesman.
About 35 firemen took part in the exercise. They arrived shortly and evacuated the "injured" passengers.
The firemen in protective gowns and face shields are handling the suspected dangerous liquid left in the light rail vehicle carefully during the exercise.