22 August 2003
New KCRC uniforms unveiled today
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) today (Friday) unveiled a new set of uniforms for its frontline staff in preparation for the opening of West Rail.
The new uniforms were paraded by models on a catwalk in Hung Hom Station. They have been designed for four main streams of staff: Operations and Customer Services, Intercity Passenger Services, Engineering, and Security and Administration staff. They include different attire for summer and winter, and will be worn by all 3,500 frontline staff.
Staff were consulted extensively before the designs were finalised. The new uniforms will not only meet the practical needs of frontline staff but also project KCRC’s image as a provider of modern railway services.
The changeover also serves to consolidate the existing 35 types of uniforms which were developed over the years as new services were brought in.
It is expected that the changeover to the new uniforms will take place on the day West Rail commences revenue operation later this year.
Director, East Rail, Mr Y T Li said, "The image of our frontline staff is very important for a good first impression to our customers."
He said the new uniforms would project a strong corporate identity and give staff a sense of unity and of renewed commitment to "Champion Service".
Samples of the new uniforms will be displayed at East Rail stations and shopping centres in Tuen Mun and Yuen Long starting today.
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