30 August 2003
New elevated Light Rail section brought into service
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) today (30 August) opened a new 1.2 km Light Rail viaduct along Pui To Road in Tuen Mun.
Speaking at the commissioning ceremony of the new viaduct today, Mr. Jonathan Yu, KCRC Director, Light Rail, said the viaduct formed part of the Corporation’s HK$2.3 billion project to upgrade the Light Rail system for the integration with West Rail.
"The viaduct was constructed for the purpose of separating Light Rail traffic from the road traffic along this busy section of the road. The grade separation works, which is now completed in advance of the originally planned opening date of October, will significantly enhance the safety and efficiency of Light Rail, at the same time improving road traffic flow in the area.
"The works will go towards meeting passengers’ demand for a high quality as well as the efficient integration of Light Rail with West Rail", Mr. Yu said.
The new 1.2 km viaduct commissioned today straddles across three road junctions with a new elevated stop, namely Tuen Mun Stop. The new stop, which is the largest in the existing Light Rail system, will link up with West Rail Tuen Mun Station. It was built with escalators, lifts, tactile paths and low-height Octopus processors for the convenience of passengers including the disabled.
With the opening of this new Light Rail section, Light Rail route 505 (Siu Hong – Sam Shing Terminus) will revert to its original routing along the Kin On section with effect from tomorrow (31 August) morning.
Concurrently, bus route 505 (Shan King – Sam Shing Terminus), which was introduced during the temporary closure of the Kin On section to facilitate the construction works, will stop operating from 1 September.
Local residents will be informed of the new arrangements by way of public announcements, notices to passengers and residents, and handbills. In addition, service ambassadors will be deployed at appropriate Light Rail and bus stops to provide on-the-spot assistance to passengers. Passengers can also call the Light Rail hotline at 2468 7788 for enquiries.
The Light Rail traffic has been diverted onto the viaduct, enhancing its operational efficiency and safety.
The officiating guests pulled down the bar to open the new Light Rail viaduct.