17 September 2003
Joint road safety operation along new Light Rail extensions
KCRC Light Rail and the police are carrying out a one-week joint programme of anti-jaywalking operations to raise road safety awareness among residents near the new Light Rail extensions in Tin Shui Wai.
With the completion of works on the new Light Rail Tin Shui Wai Extensions, KCRC is conducting test runs along the tracks before they open to passenger service. During this trial period, Light Rail trains will be operating across road junctions and pedestrian crossings. To ensure pedestrians and motorists observe traffic regulations and signals, KCRC Light Rail and the police joined hands in a number of anti-jaywalking operations starting yesterday (16 September). The programme will last till this Friday (19 September).
In the operation today (17 September) at Light Rail Tin Tsz and Tin Wu Stops, the Police warned seven jaywalkers. In addition, ten road users who paid strict attention to the prevailing traffic regulations were praised and given awards.
Similar operations will continue to be carried out regularly at Light Rail crossings and junctions. In addition, Light Rail will launch activities to promote road safety among motorists and residents, including safety talks and the distribution of publications to professional drivers’ associations and housing estates.

Mr. Stephen Shum (1st left), Traffic Manager, Light Rail and the police promote road safety at a crossing on the new Light Rail Tin Shui Wai Extensions.