19 November 2003
Joint exercise by KCR East Rail and emergency services organisations
KCR East Rail and various emergency services organisations took part in a joint drill inside the Beacon Hill Tunnel in the early morning today. The purpose of the drill was to promote co-operation and improve efficiency in carrying out emergency operations.
In the scenario for the drill, a train hit a man inside the Beacon Hill Tunnel and was derailed. Then a fire broke out inside the train, and about twenty passengers on board were injured. The train driver alighted from the train to investigate and used a portable fire extinguisher to put out the fire. KCR East Rail and the relevant departments immediately carried out evacuation and rescue operations.
The exercise, which was held after close of traffic to avoid disrupting train service, went smoothly and the result was satisfactory.
Mr Louis Leung, Quality, Safety and Training Manager of East Rail, said that five large-scale emergency drills with different scenarios are organised each year. Three of the exercises involve the participation of other government departments, while two are internal ‘surprise exercises’. In addition, all KCR stations are expected to carry out their own emergency drills on a monthly basis.
In today’s exercise, the Fire Services Department, the Hong Kong Police, the Prince of Wales Hospital, the Civil Aid Services and the Auxiliary Medical Service participated in the drill with KCR East Rail.
KCR East Rail organised an joint emergency drill in the early morning of 19 November 2003 at the Beacon Hill Tunnel in which a KCR East Rail train was simulated to derail.
Rescue team removing an injured passenger.
The rescue team using a track trolley to take the injured passengers out from the Beacon Hill Tunnel for medical treatment.