11 December 2003
Bus route K16 extends to West Rail Nam Cheong Station
Effective 13 December (Saturday), bus route K16, currently plying between East Rail Hung Hom Station and Tsim Sha Tsui Middle Road, will be extended to West Rail Nam Cheong Station, and at the same time its operating hours will also be extended from weekday peak only to an all-day service including Sundays and Public Holidays.
With the route extension and service enhancement, K16 will provide an efficient and competitive feeder service to link up the terminal stations of East Rail and West Rail which is targeted to commence operation before the end of this year.
The route will be operated at a frequency of 10 to 15 minutes at the first week of operation, and will gradually grow up to 6 minutes sometime after West Rail opens. The service hours of the new K16 will be from 6:00 am to 11:50 pm.
The new routing of K16 will be able to cover most of the areas currently served by route K15, and therefore, K15 will be withdrawn from service on 4 January 2004 (Sunday).
Adult fare for route K16 will be $4.3, and children/senior citizen fare $2.1.
West Rail passengers can enjoy free interchanges with K16. East Rail passengers interchanging with K16 will enjoy free ride either on East Rail or K16, whichever fare is lower. Interchange discounts are only applicable to Octopus cards.
For further detailed service information, passengers may call KMB Customer Service Hotline at 2745 4466, or KCRC Hotline at 2602 7799.