12 December 2003
Train service affected due to rail crack
A crack was found on a section of the track at the downline platform (towards Hung Hom) of KCR East Rail’s Kowloon Tong Station at 7:45 this morning.
As a safety precaution, all trains passing through this section were instructed to run at a reduced speed. Engineers were immediately deployed to the site to carry out emergency repairs.
On average, southbound trains arrived and departed Kowloon Tong every 6 – 7 minutes during the incident, resulting in delays to the following trains.
The emergency repair was completed at 8:52 am and train service was resumed normal. KCRC will replace this section of the track after close of traffic tonight.
A spokesman for the KCRC apologised for the inconvenience caused.
In East Rail, daily inspections on the rails are carried out to ensure the safe operation of trains. In addition, to test the condition of the rails, ultrasonic testing is carried out three times a year. This frequency will be increased to eight in 2004 upon the delivery of a new testing vehicle in January 2004. Procedures are in place to ensure that such incidents are safely managed.
An investigation into the cause of the incident will be carried out.