22 January 2004
KCRC reminds passengers not to bring lighted incense on board the train
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) today reminded worshippers not to bring lighted incense and roast pigs on board the trains.
According to the KCRC By-laws, passengers are not allowed to bring any dangerous items including lighted incense on board the train, as this will affect passenger safety and train operation, or even lead to fire.
The spokesman for KCRC said that although the train is built with fire-retardant materials and equipped with fire precaution facilities such as fire extinguishers, passengers should pay attention to safety and extinguish lighted incense before boarding the train. The spokesman also reminded passengers not to bring metallic balloons into the station and train.
To cope with the surge in passenger traffic at Tai Wai Station on the third day (24 January) of the Chinese New Year, KCRC will work closely with the Police and adopt single direction queuing arrangement at the entrance of Tai Wai Station. Passengers who leave the station for Che Kung Temple will be directed to use the western entrance on Tsuen Nam Road; while passengers who enter the station will be directed to use the southern entrance on Mei Tin Road.
To save time for queuing for single-journey tickets, passengers are advised to use Octopus card.