26 January 2004
Two Tin Shui Wai bus routes to operate on fare-charging basis
Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced today (26 January) that from 29 January (Thursday), the Corporation will operate two temporary bus routes introduced in connection with the opening of the Light Rail Tin Shui Wai Extension on a fare-charging basis.
The two bus routes are:
• K2P (Tin Shui Wai Town Centre Bus Terminus – Tuen Mun Town Centre), a temporary route introduced for the opening of Tin Shui Wai Extension; and
• K75P (Tin Shui – Hung Shui Kiu), which is a permanent feeder bus route.
Adult fares are $4.4 for K2P, and $3.7 for K75P while that of child/senior citizen are $2.2 for K2P and $1.8 for K75P. Service level of these two bus routes will remain unchanged.
A spokesman for KCRC said the temporary measure to waive fares for these bus routes aimed to help passengers familiarize with the new service arrangements brought about by the opening of West Rail and the new Light Rail Extension. With these arrangements now well in place and the new railway in smooth operation, the Corporation will withdraw the temporary fare-waiver measure gradually.
The spokesman added, in the meantime, two other bus routes will continue to operate on a fare-waiver basis until further notice. These two routes are K76 (Tin Heng – Siu Hong) and K62S (Tin Shui Wai – Yuen Long). Effective from the same day (29 January), the service hours of K62S will be adjusted to from 6:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m., Monday to Saturday.
Notices will be posted at stops and will be sent out to the housing estates. Public announcements will also be made at Light Rail stops to inform passengers about the new arrangements. For enquiries, passengers may call the KCRC hotline at 2929 3399.