30 January 2004
Appointments to Managing Board Welcomed
The Chairman of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC), Mr Michael Tien, today (Friday) welcomed the appointments of the Hon Abraham Shek Lai-him and Prof Richard Wong Yue-chim to the Managing Board.
Mr Tien said, "Mr Shek and Prof Wong will bring with them a wealth of experience in their own field to the Board. We all look forward to working with them as a team in fulfilling the Corporation's commitments to provide better services to the public and to bring to fruition other new railway projects now in good progress.
They will succeed Mr Patrick Wang Shui-chung and Mr Victor So Hing-woh. Mr Wang and Mr So have resigned from the Board with effect from 31st January 2004 for the reasons that they can no longer afford the time to serve the Board since their own businesses have placed increasing demand on their time.
Mr Tien thanked Mr Wang and Mr So for the contributions they have made to the Corporation.
"With his electrical engineering background, Mr Wang has given us valuable advice, particularly on various railway systems.
"Mr So has also provided sterling service to the Corporation through his active participation in the work of the main Board, and the Committees on Capital Projects, Finance, and Strategic Human Resource."