2 February 2004
Special double issue of Trackrecord celebrates West Rail opening
The 20th of December 2003 was a banner day for KCRC, as more than 1,500 guests gathered together at Kam Sheung Road Station to celebrate the opening of West Rail. This gala occasion — one that had been anticipated for six years since planning and construction of the new railway began — is covered in a special double edition of Trackrecord.
In the West Rail special edition, we cover the commissioning ceremony, the major milestones of the West Rail project, the records achieved, and the team behind the successful opening of the new railway. Also included are stories on the major events leading up to the commissioning of West Rail, such as the West Rail Charity Trial Rides and station open days.
The regular edition of Trackrecord begins with a message from Mr Samuel Lai, who assumed the position of Acting Chief Executive Officer on the first day of the new year after the retirement of Mr K Y Yeung in December. It is followed by a tribute to Mr Yeung, who led KCRC since 1997.
In another story, we look at the opening of the two new Light Rail Tin Shui Wai extensions, which give residents of the North West New Territories better access to the Light Rail and West Rail networks.
Trackrecord, the official staff newsletter of the KCRC, is published once a month and distributed to all employees, the Corporation’s key stakeholders, consulates, senior government officials, the media and community leaders.