6 February 2004
West Rail service returned to normal
Normal service of West Rail was resumed early this afternoon (6 February) after urgent repairs of the intermittent signalling problem which occurred in the north bound track of Tai Lam Tunnel this morning.
Due to the failure of a computer card inside a trackside signalling equipment located near the north portal of Tai Lam Tunnel at about 8:30 am, the north bound service at that section was interrupted intermittently.
During the affected period, service was maintained at a frequency of about 6 to 8 minutes, but the journey time of some trips was extended for 5 to 10 minutes between Tsuen Wan West and Kam Sheung Road stations.
The problem was rectified after urgent repairs in the early afternoon.
The Corporation apologised for any inconvenience caused to passengers. Public announcements were made and notices were put up at stations to inform passengers of the service delay. Additional staff were deployed at stations and trains to provide assistance to passengers.