30 April 2004
New luggage regulations to ban heavy-duty carts
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation will implement new luggage regulations tomorrow (1 May 2004) banning the use of heavy-duty luggage carts and requiring large luggage pieces to be tied with plastic tapes.
The new rules are being introduced to improve passenger safety, both at stations and on trains, and to conform to the new policy banning the use of heavy-duty luggage carts implemented by Shenzhen authorities.
Under the new regulations, KCRC will ban the use of luggage carts if their extended size exceeds 100cm (height) x 45cm (width) x 45cm (depth). Offenders will be prosecuted and are liable to a maximum fine of $2,000.
In addition, pieces of luggage whose total dimensions are between 170cm and 220cm must be tied with plastic tapes and have an attached luggage ticket. Staff will also write the dimensions of the luggage and the date and time the tickets were issued on the luggage ticket. Passengers are not allowed to change the information or tamper with the plastic tapes or the luggage tickets.
At present, passengers are required to buy luggage tickets for luggage within these dimensions. Luggage tickets cost $40 each during peak hours (before 9am Monday to Saturday) and $20 during non-peak hours.
KCRC General Manager, East Rail Operations Mr Anthony Yan said, "It is imperative for us to take necessary measures to ensure passengers enjoy a safe and comfortable journey."
"Passengers carrying bulky luggage affect other passengers especially when they are passing through the ticket gates, riding the escalators or boarding and alighting trains."
Passengers carrying a piece of luggage of these dimensions without a valid ticket are liable to pay a surcharge of $500. Luggage pieces whose total dimensions exceed 220cm have to be consigned.
Samples of standard luggage carts and posters explaining the new regulations will be displayed at all East Rail stations, and leaflets will be distributed. Announcements will also be broadcast at stations. Passengers are welcome to call the KCRC hotline at 2929-3399 with any questions regarding the new policy.