22 May 2004
KCRC apologised for the signalling system
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) apologised for the inconvenience caused to affected passengers due to failures of the West Rail signalling system between Tsuen Wan West Station and Mei Foo Station today.
This morning’s incident happened at about 6:10am. Normal services resumed at 10:56am.
During the affected period, service frequency was maintained at about six to eight minutes. The Transport Department and the media were notified shortly after the incident. Public announcements and notices were made immediately to inform passengers of the service disruption at stations and inside train compartments. Staff were deployed at stations to provide assistance to passengers.
An initial investigation shows the incident was caused by faulty signal cables inside the Tsuen Wan West to Mei Foo southbound tunnel which have led to intermittent tripping. As a result, trains have to slow down when passing through that section, resulting in longer journey times of 10 to 15 minutes.
Senior Director, Transport Mr Y T Li said, "We have decided to replace that section’s signal cable and the replacement will take four nights.
"We will also invite overseas signalling experts to conduct a thorough examination of our signalling system to see if there are any measures that need to be taken to improve the stability of the system."