1 August 2004
First class processors installed on the whole KCR East Rail fleet
To further enhance service to passengers, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) started installing first class processors on all 37 East Rail trains early this year. The project cost $2.3 million.
The first class processors, which were installed next to the gangway doors leading to all first class compartments, will be launched in phases starting from tomorrow (2 August). With these processors in place, passengers will be able to validate their Octopus cards in order to ride first class either on station platforms before boarding trains or, after boarding a train in standard class, at the first class processors next to the gangway doors leading to first class coaches.
General Manager, East Rail Operations Mr Anthony Yan said, "In the past, passengers in a hurry often just hopped onto the train in standard class. Even though they wanted to travel first class, they could not validate their Octopus cards on board the train. The new processors will be of great convenience to them."
When the new processors become operational, the doors between standard class and first class compartments will be locked. Passengers can only open the doors after they have obtained first class validation using the new processors. Standard class passengers who pass through the first class compartment to reach another standard class compartment need to obtain first class authorisation and will be charged the first class fare.
Doors at both ends of the first class compartments are equipped with emergency door releases, which enable passengers to open the doors in case of emergencies.
First class processors have been installed next to the gangway doors leading to all first class compartments of the whole East Rail fleet.