7 August 2004
Chinese Calligraphy on West Rail
Ever imagine a train could become an art gallery and a performance stage where passengers are invited to enjoy the art of Chinese calligraphy? From today (7August 2004) to 10 October 2004, a specially designed West Rail train inscribed with classic Chinese characters will be plying between Tuen Mun and Nam Cheong, adding a new and exciting dimension to the West Rail experience.
This innovative public arts project, "Chinese Calligraphy on West Rail", is jointly presented by the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) and the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (the Academy) and aims to promote Chinese calligraphy and community arts.
The West Rail Chinese Calligraphy Train held its inaugural journey today. Academy dancers also performed Hong Kong’s first on-board dance performance.
KCRC Senior Director, Transport Mr Y T Li said "Chinese Calligraphy on West Rail" was a very creative project, bringing together Chinese calligraphy, dance and public arts. Both KCRC and the Academy believed that the programme would inspire the public’s interest in the arts and spread the message that art is everywhere and is closely intertwined with daily life.
The West Rail Calligraphy Train has seven different themes (namely transport, five elements, astronomy, ethics, surnames, farm produce and animals), each of which is presented in one compartment. All Chinese characters and paintings on the train are written or drawn by members of the Lan Ting Society.
"Chinese Calligraphy on West Rail" has been initiated and coordinated by the Academy Stage & Technical Management Department, as part of a project in which students are encouraged to explore their creativity and apply their stage management skills in a community arts programme. Last year, the Department presented the "The Smart Kids Whimsical Adventure" shoppertainment programme in shopping malls. A giant 10.5 metres tall bunny constructed by Academy students as part of the programme entered the Guinness Book of World Records.
Two more dance performances will be held on board the Calligraphy Train, at 3pm on Saturday, 4 September and 3pm on Saturday, 2 October when the train departs from Tuen Mun. Academy students will also organise guided tours on board the train on those two days. To join the guided tours, please register with Mr Ngai at 9224 7786 or Ms Lai at 9481 8152.
KCRC Senior Director, Transport Mr Y T Li and the Academy Associate Director Mr Philip Soden launch the Chinese Calligraphy on West Rail.
Hong Kong’s first on-board dance performance by the Academy dancers.