30 August 2004
New issue of Trackrecord released
East Rail was ranked among the world's top railways in the areas of "Reliability", "Service Quality", "Safety" and "Productivity" as reported in the current issue of Trackrecord, the staff newsletter of the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC).
The report was the benchmarking results released by two metro associations, Nova and CoMET. Nova is an association of 12 medium-size metro railways with daily patronage below 2 million passengers, while CoMET is an affiliation of 11 large-scale metro systems serving over 2 million passengers daily.
In the new issue of Trackrecord, another story highlights July's full slate of "West Rail Fun All the Way" promotional activities, which feature everything from music to magic, as well as live entertainment performances by popular TV personality Nancy Sit and other artists at West Rail stations.
There is also coverage of additional West Rail concession schemes which include the launch of a West Rail One-Month Pass, a Student One-Day Pass, a West Rail and cross-boundary bus travel package, and a sightseeing bus route which is under consideration.
In another story we look at the efforts made by the KCRC marathon runners to help the needy in our community. These KCRC staff had once again donated much of the money they raised through the Standard Chartered Marathon to the Hong Chi Pinehill No. 3 School for mentally handicapped children. KCRC’s total donations during these four years amount to over $300,000, which go towards the purchase of therapeutic equipment that truly make a difference in the lives of the school children.
Trackrecord, the official staff newsletter of the KCRC, is published once a month and distributed to all employees, the Corporation’s key stakeholders, senior government officials, the media and community leaders.