31 August 2004
Light Rail service gets prepared for back-to-school
Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) will implement a number of measures on Light Rail in preparation for the expected increase in passenger numbers at the beginning of the new school term starting tomorrow (1 September).
KCRC will advance the Light Rail morning peak-hour period from 7:00 am to before 6:30 am. This, which means trains will run at a more frequently service starting from 6:30 am tomorrow (1 September). In order to enhance Light Rail’s carrying capacity, additional light rail vehicles will be arranged on busy routes. Effective and flexible regulation of train services will be conducted to cope with increased passenger demand.
A temporary bus route K71 which was introduced since 21 August will provide an alternate back up service for Light Rail for the section between Tin Wing and West Rail Tin Shui Wai Station.
Mr W K Tsui, General Manager, West Rail Operations advises passengers to use the bus service in the event Light Rail stops become crowded.
To ensure platform order and passenger safety, more than 150 KCRC staff will be deployed at platforms to assist passengers taking Light Rail. Senior management of KCRC Staff will also be stationed at busy Light Rail stops to monitor train services and conduct surveys to better understand passengers’ travelling patterns during peak hours.
As in previous years, students passengers are reminded to plan their journey earlier to allow more time for travel and pay attention to public announcements on electronic media.