24 September 2004
KCRC to strengthen service for Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day Golden Week
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) will extend the service hours of all its railway networks during the Mid-Autumn Festival (28 September) for the convenience of the travelling public.
The Corporation will also strengthen its services to cope with the large number of travellers going to and from the Mainland, including Mainlanders travelling to Hong Kong on the individual travel scheme, during the National Day Golden Week.
The special service arrangements on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival are as follows:
East Rail domestic line (between Sheung Shui and Hung Hom)
  • Service hours extended to 2am (29 September)
  • Frequency after midnight will be six to 10 minutes
West Rail
  • Service hours extended to 2am (29 September)
  • Frequency after midnight will be 10 minutes
Light Rail
  • Routes 705, 706, 614P, 615P and 507 will extend their service hours to 2:30am (29 September)
  • Frequency after midnight will be 12 minutes
  • 506 will extend its service hours to 2:30am
    (29 September)
  • K51 and K52 will extend their service hours to 1am
    (29 September)
  • K16’s last departures from Nam Cheong Station and Hung Hom Station will be at 2:40am and 1:20am
    (29 September) respectively
  • Frequency of the four routes after midnight will be 12 to 15 minutes.
Green minibus
  • 95K (West Rail Tsuen Wan West Station to MTR Tsuen Wan Station) will extend its service hours to 2am.
In addition, KCRC will enhance East Rail service to meet the heavy passenger demand expected after the fireworks display on the evening of National Day (1 October). Between 8:30pm and 10pm, eight additional trains will run from Hung Hom to Sheung Shui and northbound service will run at about 4-minute intervals.
The Corporation also expects heavy demand for cross boundary service during Golden Week. KCRC will closely monitor passenger traffic, maintain close contact with government departments and boundary authorities, and regulate trains to and from Lo Wu during this period to ensure a smooth flow of traffic at the checkpoint. Additional staff will be deployed and extra trains will be on standby.
The checkpoint is open from 6:30am to 12midnight. The first and last northbound trains depart from Hung Hom Station at 5:30am and 11:07pm respectively.
Notices will be displayed at all stations informing passengers of any special service arrangements. Passengers travelling to the Mainland via Lo Wu are advised to listen to radio announcements or call the KCRC hotline at 2929• 3399 to obtain information on cross-boundary service arrangements at Lo Wu before starting their journeys.