21 October 2004
East Rail service disrupted because of a point machine failure
KCR East Rail service was disrupted this afternoon as a result of a point machine failure incident north of the Beacon Hill Tunnel.
The incident happened at about 1:53pm. Emergency repair was carried out and normal train services gradually resumed at 2:13pm.
As a result of the incident, the journey time of some trains was extended by about 15 minutes. During the period, continuous announcements were made inside stations and on trains to inform passengers of the disruption.
Preliminary investigations revealed that a microprocessor-based controller which controls the movement of point machines at that location failed.
A KCRC spokesman reiterated that the incident did not affect passenger safety in any way. The Corporation would conduct a detailed examination of the failed controller jointly with the supplier in order to prevent recurrence.
KCRC apologises for the inconvenience caused to passengers.