26 October 2004
East Rail service disrupted
KCR East Rail service between Hung Hom Station and East Tsim Sha Tsui Station was disrupted this evening after an iron strip fell onto an insulated rail joint north of Hung Hom Station which triggered the fail-safe feature of the signalling system.
As result, trains were stopped from entering into the affected section until the iron strip was removed by railway staff.
The incident happened at about 6:10pm and train services gradually resumed at 6:24pm. KCRC has commenced an investigation into how the external iron strip fell onto the track.
During the period, southbound trains terminated at Mong Kok Station and train services between Mong Kok and Lo Wu stations were maintained. Announcements were made inside stations and on trains to inform passengers of the disruption.
KCRC said the incident did not affect passenger safety in any way. Five trains and about 4,000 passengers were affected.
The Corporation apologises for the inconvenience caused.