6 November 2004
KCRC participates in the Po Leung Kuk House Sponsorship Programme
To share our love and care to the needy in our community, the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced today its participation in the Po Leung Kuk House Sponsorship Programme in two consecutive years. Starting from today, KCRC’s Corporate Volunteer Team will regularly take part in the volunteer service arranged for the children residing in the dormitories of Po Leung Kuk.
Po Leung Kuk (PLK) has been providing house service to the children who cannot stay with their own families due to family problems. At present, there are 26 dormitories, of which 11 are located in its headquarters. Each dormitory accommodates 12 to 18 children. To tie in with this service, PLK launches the Po Leung Kuk House Corporate Sponsorship Programme this year. KCRC is delighted to be the one of the first batch of Corporate Sponsors and to support this meaningful programme, which offers the KCRC Corporate Volunteer Team more opportunities to serve the community.
A Launching Ceremony of Po Leung Kuk House Corporate Sponsorship Programme was organized in the PLK Headquarters today. Officiating guests included Mr. Henry TAN, Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, Mrs. Louise D.A. MON and Mrs. Angel S.P. LAU, Vice-Chairman of Po Leung Kuk, Mr Samuel LAI, Acting Chief Executive Officer of KCRC, Mr TSANG Yam-pui, Executive Director of New World Service Holdings Ltd and members of the KCRC Corporate Volunteer Team.
KCRC’s Volunteer Team is serving the community through various activities. Through their efforts in showing care to the needy, the Corporation hopes to inspire a sense of good corporate citizenship among its staff, thus making Hong Kong a more caring place to live in.
KCRC Corporate Volunteer Team since its establishment in mid 2004, has a membership of more than 200 staff. A number of activities have been organized including "Origami Action – Colouring the Life", a programme imitated by the Social Welfare Department’s Steering Committee on Promotion of Volunteer Service, through which volunteers create pots of turlip from recycled paper, an effort to symbolize the creation of a more harmonious society. Other volunteer programmes include distribution of leaflets to introduce the district’s social welfare network to the residents of Tin Shui Wai, home visits to the elderly living alone or staying in the elderly centers, outings for the elderly, ecotour service and origami tutorial for the mentally retarded etc.