15 November 2004
Emergency drill on the viaduct section of Ma On Shan Rail
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) carried out an emergency drill on the viaduct section in-between Che Kung Temple Station and Sha Tin Wai Station of Ma On Shan (MOS) Rail today (15 November) jointly with a number of relevant government departments and emergency services teams including the Fire Services Department, Hong Kong Police Force, Transport Department, Hospital Authority, Auxiliary Medical Services and Civil Aid Services.
The drill was one of the exercises in a series to be conducted to test the effectiveness of Corporation’s emergency handling procedures before the commissioning of MOS Rail. The exercises will ensure the best possible responsiveness, co-ordination and communication among KCRC staff and various emergency services teams under different emergency scenarios.
The exercise simulated an incident of a fire on the train, in which 300 passengers had to be evacuated from a MOS Rail train on the viaduct section and 20 passengers were "injured". They were rescued and received medical treatment on site.
In the exercise, the Corporation deployed three KCR buses to provide emergency services for the affected passengers. The Transport Department also activated a mock Emergency Transport Co-ordination Centre to co-ordinate the provision of emergency public transport support services.
The fire "broke out" at 9:36am this morning. The Fire Services team arrived at Sha Tin Wai Station within five minutes after the fire was reported. Passengers were detrained smoothly one minute after the report of the fire to Sha Tin Wai Station via the emergency evacuation walkway under the direction of the train driver and the station staff. The evacuation took eight minutes to complete. The passengers were directed to board the KCR emergency buses for the nearby station. The rescue teams removed all the "injured passengers" from the site at about 10:00am.
"The exercise went smoothly and the result was satisfactory. Various rescue teams worked well together and demonstrated high levels of co-ordination and communication. Since MOS Rail will run on viaducts for most of its length, it is important to carry out these exercises so that the involved teams can get familiarised with the handling procedures of similar emergency situations," said Mr Alex Lau, Safety and Quality Manager, KCRC.
"To prepare for the commissioning of MOS Rail, a number of exercises of different scenarios and scales have been carried out in the past months. Nearly 60% of a total of about 800 exercises have been successfully completed. We will continue to carry out more exercises for different emergency scenarios."
In addition, two more joint exercises will be held tomorrow (16 November) and the day after (17 November). The traffic at the junction of On Yuen Street, On Luk Street and Sai Sha Road may be suspended for a few minutes to facilitate the simulation of evacuation of passengers from Ma On Shan Station during the exercise in the morning of 17 November.
The final trial operation stage of the MOS Rail has started towards the end of September and the new railway is targeted to commence operation before the end of this year.
Scaling ladder is used to rescue injured passengers
Rescue team takes care of injured passengers immediately
Some 300 "passengers" are evacuated smoothly right after the incident