22 November 2004
KCRC lifts the West Rail second 10% discount
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced today that the current fare discount of 10% on West Rail offered to passengers travelling from the North West New Territories (NWNT) to urban Kowloon would be discontinued upon its expiry on 19 December 2004.
The 10% discount offered to all passengers of West Rail will remain effective. At the same time, the Corporation decided to extend the current West Rail one-month pass, which will expire at the end of December, for another six months to June 2005.
Announcing the Managing Board’s decision, the KCRC Chairman Mr Michael Tien said that the decision was made taking into consideration the economic situation of Hong Kong, the travel pattern of West Rail passengers, and the introduction of other more effective passenger promotional programmes.
"When we announced the West Rail fares last year, the purpose of giving the first 10% general discount on West Rail fares was to attract passengers in view of the connectivity problem of the new railway. The second 10% discount was offered for journeys between the NWNT and urban Kowloon for at least a period of one year, taking into account the difficult economic condition prevalent last year," Mr Tien said.
"The West Rail patronage has been picking up and the economy of Hong Kong has been improving this year. We do not see any reason for continuing the second 10% discount. Besides, the cancellation only impacts on a quarter of the West Rail passengers. Even so, they can buy the monthly pass which is kept at the same price as before. The Corporation believes that the decision would cause minimal impact on passengers’ choice of transport modes."
West Rail presently offers concessions including the interchange discounts between West Rail and MTR at Nam Cheong and Mei Foo as well as between West Rail and some green minibuses, Huanggang direct coach and so on.