6 December 2004
Light Rail service slightly affected
A light rail vehicle on route 610 had a minor collision with another light rail vehicle on route 761 at Ping Shan Stop in Yuen Long at about 9:35 this morning. As a result, six light rail trains experienced short service delays ranging from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Passengers onboard the two incident trains had to change for other trains to continue their journeys. A total of 18 passengers onboard the two trains were sent to hospital. All were discharged after medical examination.
Light Rail services resumed normal at about 9:45am. During the period when service was affected, continuous platform announcements were made to inform passengers of the service change, and staff were deployed at stops to provide assistance.
Results of a preliminary investigation showed that the incident was not caused by any mechanical problem or system failure. KCRC and the Police are investigating the root cause of the incident. The Corporation apologised for the inconvenience caused and sent staff to the hospital to visit the injured passengers.
Mr Tsui Wai Keung, General Manager, West Rail Operations said all Light Rail drivers had to undertake a nine-week comprehensive training before they can become qualified.
Apart from classroom training on operating the trains, defensive and safe driving, the programme also emphasizes practical driving training. All trainees have to pass tests and examinations before they are assigned to drive passenger trains.