14 December 2004
KCRC announces the final Ma On Shan Rail fares
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced that its Managing Board has decided on the final fares of Ma On Shan Rail (MOS Rail), and on the date of the official opening of the new railway.
Announcing the Managing Board’s decision, KCRC Chairman Mr Michael Tien said, “I am pleased to announce that we have received the certification from the Hong Kong Railway Inspectorate, and that the Ma On Shan (MOS) Rail is scheduled to open for passenger services on 21 December. Prior to the official opening, a Charity Ride day will be organized on 19 December for the general public.”
With respect to the final fares of MOS Rail, the Managing Board has approved the final fare table for all the journeys associated with MOS Rail. The proposed fares for Wu Kai Sha (WKS) to Tai Wai (TAW) at $5.8; WKS – Kowloon Tong (KOT), Mongkok (MKK) and Hung Hom (HUH) at $8.2; WKS – East Tsim Sha Tsui (ETS) at $11 will remain as the final fares. Under a zonal fare concept, MOS, Heng On and Tai Shui Hang would fall into the same zone as WKS, and the same fares would apply. The next four stations on the south side, Shek Mun (SHM), City One, Sha Tin Wai and Che Kung Temple, fall into the next zone, and the fares for this zone to Tai Wai, Sha Tin, Fo Tan and University are set at $4.5; to KOT, MKK and HUH at $6.2; and to ETS at $8.7.
For journeys between MOS Station and Sheung Shui, the Corporation has previously proposed a fare of $6.8. Having reviewed the competitive situation and considered that passengers traveling to stations north of Tai Wai have to back track by traveling south before turning north, the Corporation decided that for a journey from any MOS Rail station to any East Rail domestic station north of Tai Wai to Sheung Shui (with the exception of Racecourse), the fares would be no more than $5.8. Similarly, the fare for any MOS Rail stations to Lo Wu is set at the same fare as Tai Wai to Lo Wu. In effect, a passenger from MOS Rail can travel to any domestic station north of Tai Wai at the fare of not more than $5.8, with the exception of Racecourse (not more than $8.5) and Lo Wu ($24.2).
Mr Tien said, “When the Corporation decides on the final fares, we must ensure that the fare revenue could at least cover the cash operating cost of the railway. We must balance the need to manage our business according to prudent commercial principles on one hand, and our social responsibility on the other. We have carefully considered the views of the travelling public collected in the past two weeks and reviewed all MOS Rail fares in great detail. We consider the fares we have set for every section of intra-MOS and MOS – urban journeys very competitive and acceptable to majority of the travelling public. In fact, most of the fare levels are lower than those previously proposed by the community groups before our public consultation on MOS Rail fares. Now we feel certain that our final fares do meet their expectations.”
Since the last LegCo meeting on MOS Rail fares on 26 November, the Corporation has conducted a series of consultations with the Transport Advisory Committee, district councils along the East Rail including the Sha Tin District Council Traffic and Transport Advisory Committee, community groups such as the Public Consultation Group and MOS Community Liaison Group, as well as passengers at the KCRC Cafe.
Furthermore, the Corporation announced that the East Rail 20% same day second trip discount will also apply to MOS Rail journeys. So far, the Corporation has entered into agreements with the green minibus operators to offer a $1.0 interchange discount for 10 routes and a $0.5 interchange discount for two routes.
Upon the opening of MOS Rail, the current KCR/KMB K11 feeder route plying between City One and Royal Ascot (via Fo Tan Station) will cease to provide free feeder interchange with East Rail at Fo Tan Station, while its route and service will remain unchanged. This decision is consistent with the Corporation’s policy to offer, where appropriate, free feeder service wherever there is no railway but once the rail service is introduced, the fare rebate and/or feeder service is withdrawn.
Mr Tien continues, “In response to passengers’ request, the Corporation decided to introduce a monthly pass on MOS Rail. However, we need to study the travel pattern on MOS Rail in order to come up with a scheme which is welcomed by passengers. We would collect and analyze travel data for three months after opening, before we finalize the scheme.”
The final stage of trial operation for MOS Rail was completed on 26 November. During the last six weeks of trial operation, the average punctuality and service delivery have reached 99.7% and 100% respectively.
Before the official opening, a Charity Ride day will be held on 19 December (Sunday) between 10:00 am and 10:00 pm in order for the public to familiarize with the services and facilities of MOS Rail. Passengers travelling on MOS Rail on 19 December will be charged the regular MOS Rail fares. All the fare revenue of the day from MOS Rail service would be donated to charity.
There will be no train service for MOS Rail on 20 December (Monday). The railway and the stations will be closed one day for final preparations for its official opening on 21 December.
For details of the services, passengers may call the KCRC Hotline on 2929 3399.