29 January 2005
Ma On Shan Rail service affected because of point machine failure
Ma On Shan (MOS) Rail services on the section between Heng On Station and Wu Kai Sha Station were affected this afternoon due to power supply failure of point machines at south of Wu Kai Sha Station at 4:40pm, activating the fail-safe mechanism of the signalling system. Emergency repair was immediately carried out and normal train services resumed at 7:37pm.
As a result of the incident, train frequency of the section between Heng On Station and Wu Kai Sha Station was reduced to about 15-minute intervals. Train frequency of the section between Tai Wai Station and Heng On Station maintained normal at five-minute intervals. Emergency buses were deployed to run between Heng On, Ma On Shan and Wu Kai Sha stations at seven-minute intervals to supplement MOS Rail services. Continuous announcements were made inside stations and on trains to inform passengers of the disruption.
Preliminary investigations revealed that the incident was caused by a problem with the power supply installation which controlled the point machines at Wu Kai Sha Station. As a result, trains could not enter Wu Kai Sha Station. Engineering staff replaced the installation at 5:40pm but the point machines still failed to function. Engineering staff then carried out further examination and tests of the system. The fault was rectified when a safety relay was reset. The point machines returned to normal and MOS Rail services were resumed at 7:37pm.
A spokesman for the Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) said the incident did not affect passenger safety in any way. KCRC would conduct a detailed investigation into the incident jointly with the supplier to prevent recurrence.
The Corporation apologises for any inconvenience caused to passengers.