15 February 2005
Disruption of Ktt through train services today
At about 10am today, the Guangzhou-bound Ktt through train T826 stalled between Xiancun Station and Shitan Station due to a mechanical fault. The train was then hauled to Guangzhou East Station. Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) is now carrying out an investigation into the incident.
As the train had to undergo urgent repair, a total of four scheduled Ktt trips were cancelled. However, other Guangzhou-Kowloon through train journeys were not affected and Ktt passengers were offered to take the other through trains or a full refund. KCRC also arranged a special express train from Hung Hom to Lo Wu at 1:25pm to take passengers to the boundary and then change to Mainland domestic trains to Guangzhou.
The four cancelled trips were two Guangzhou-bound trips, T814 and T820, originally scheduled to depart from Hung Hom at 1:25pm and 6:06pm respectively; and two Kowloon-bound trips, T813 and T819, scheduled to depart from Guangzhou at 10:55am and 3:45pm respectively. Normal Ktt services will resume at 8:20pm tonight. About 1,400 passengers were affected as a result of the incident.
During the period, public announcements and notices were made at Hung Hom Station to inform passengers of the service disruption. Additional staff were also deployed to provide assistance to passengers. KCRC apologised for any inconvenience caused to passengers.