15 February 2005
West Rail passengers enjoy more interchange discounts
The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) announced that with effect from today, West Rail passengers will be able to enjoy free connection between West Rail Tsuen Wan West Station and Tai Wo Hau on green minibus route 97. The interchange concession is one of the latest initiatives of the Corporation to enhance the connectivity of West Rail in order to boost West Rail patronage.
Route 97 runs between West Rail Tsuen Wan West Station and Wonderland Villas at a full fare of $5.2. The route provides a service between 06:30 and 22:30 daily at a frequency of 15 – 20 minutes. West Rail passengers using Octopus card will be able to enjoy free feeder service between the station and Tai Wo Hau. A discounted of $3.5 will be offered to West Rail passengers who travel the whole journey.
West Rail passengers can interchange with green minibus route 97 at West Rail Tsuen Wan West Station. To enjoy the concession, passengers using Octopus card must take the minibus within 45 minutes after exiting the West Rail station, or continue their journeys on West Rail from the station within two hours of boarding the minibus. Passengers using West Rail monthly pass/ festival pass are not eligible to enjoy the intermodal discount.
KCRC has prepared publicity materials such as posters, leaflets and station announcement to inform the public about the new interchange concession. The Corporation will continue to explore co-operation opportunities with other transport operators. For further enquiries, passengers may call the KCRC Hotline at 2929 3399.