21 February 2005
West Rail services affected because of signal failure
West Rail services on the section between Siu Hong Station and Tuen Mun Station were affected this afternoon due to a signal failure at 2:45pm. Emergency repair was immediately carried out and normal train services resumed at 5:58 pm.
As a result of the incident, train frequency of the section between Nam Cheong Station and Tin Shui Wai Station was maintained at five to eight minutes while train frequency of the section between Siu Hong Station and Tuen Mun Station was about eight to ten minutes. During the incident, KCRC regularly updated the public and passengers about the incident through the electronic media and continuous announcements at station concourses, platforms and on trains.
Investigations revealed that the incident was caused by an intermittent failure of the signalling system at about 600 meters south of Siu Hong Station, resulting in a signalling problem for southbound trains from Tuen Mun Station to Nam Cheong Station. The signal system components were replaced at 5:50 pm and detailed tests were then conducted to confirm the signalling system was functioning properly. West Rail services returned to normal immediately afterwards. The Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation apologises for any inconvenience caused to passengers.
A KCRC spokesman said the incident did not affect passenger safety in any way. The Corporation would conduct a detailed review into the incident to prevent recurrence.